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With many estate agents in Welling and surrounds either not doing lettings, or doing so via a “Head Office” out of area, having someone located in Welling to cater for you, your tenant and staying in touch with the local prices and demand of the area, should not be underestimated.

Our Lettings Philosophy

If you are a Landlord we won’t make assumptions about what services you may or may not require – we’ll ask what is important to you, and if needed can tailor a bespoke package to suit you.

We try to avoid a “one size fits all” approach. We’ve landlords that are hands-on, and some that want nothing to do with things other than seeing the rent arrive on time each month.

Of course, we have a list of services and prices, but we’re wise enough to recognise that some landlords are very experienced and have a certain way they prefer to do things, like meeting your tenant in advance or using your own contract.

If there is something important to you, just tell us what it is. It is our job to give you what you want in order to get your business, not to impose ourselves on you.

In keeping with that, our Landlord is our customer, and you will have a personal point of contact directly with our Lettings Manager in branch for best practice and to give you the service levels you would expect.

If you have already had a rental assessment from us you should be in possession of our list of services and rate card, but if not, you can request them via this simple online form, and we’ll send them over for your review.

If you haven’t had an assessment yet, or a rent review of your property in the last six months, then you simply must. Things are changing all the time with legislation, demand and therefore prices, and whilst a good tenant is very, very important, this is also an investment, and getting you the best returns or planning for the next time it becomes available, should always be on the agenda.

Check out our 10 point plan for getting the most from your rental investment … HERE.

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