Managing your property and its tenancy can be a time-consuming exercise. Even with the best tenant in the world, and a modern, well-maintained property, anything could crop up over a 12-month period from repairs to lost keys, as well as the compliance issues of annual gas and electric checks, inspections, and rental payments, invoicing and accounting for your end of year tax return. None of these things are much fun – but they all need doing.

At times, managing your own property can essentially feel like dealing with someone else’s problems. An “emergency” to your tenant is perhaps not always a real emergency, but all the same, whatever the issue, they will want it dealt with promptly considering the rent they pay you every month, and this could come at a time that isn’t particularly convenient to you. We’ve had clients before getting calls when they are abroad on holiday or en-route to a wedding, and the boiler not working couldn’t of come at a worse time.

We’re fairly confident that whatever your circumstances, you’ve more important things to worry about with your own home, work commitments and family than to be worrying about your rental property and what might happen.

But as we say, someone needs to do it.

Our management service is as thorough and hands-on as you could wish for. With a large portfolio of local property under our umbrella, and dealing with these issues day-in, day-out, what is a headache to you, is second nature to us. We’ve a panel of local contractors at our disposal for efficiency and re-assurance your needs are in safe hands, and cost-effective, as well as systems in place for reporting of maintenance needs, auditing and prompt response, as well as the accounting afterwards as a result.

If you want a stress free, hand-off experience from your side, and to be able to relax and do little more than watch the rent come in every month, our management service is for you.

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