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18 December 2020

Is It Wise To Sell My Property During A Lockdown?

Some would argue that listing your property for sale at a time when there is a lockdown would be an unwise thing to do.   Wrong.  Obviously, for now at least,...

12 December 2020

Is There Still Time To Move Before The End Of The Stamp Duty Holiday?

You're cutting it fine, but in short, yes! But time is of the essense, so do read on ...  At time of writing there has been no news about whether the current Stamp Duty Holiday, due to...

10 November 2020

Our 12 Point Plan To Get You The Best Price For Your Property

We believe that if you want to get the best price for your property, that there should be a plan.  A structure, a routine, a method to deliver that.  And here it is, our 12 point...

21 June 2020

Did You Know You Live In One Of The Most Desirable Postcodes In The Country Right Now?

I wrote a piece two weeks ago about the local housing market, and had a lot of positive feedback from people nodding along with their own experiences of property in the 4-5 weeks since...

7 June 2020

What Is Happening To The Housing Market In Welling Right Now? The Covid Collapse? Nonsense!

I was asked a strange question the other day by a potential buyer. A sort of rhetorical question. You know, those ones that people ask, but feel they already know the answer. Often with good...

Welling Property News - February 2018

5 February 2018

Welling Property News - February 2018

The latest news for the Welling Property Market can be found here ... 

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