Did You Know You Live In One Of The Most Desirable Postcodes In The Country Right Now?

Posted on: 21 June 2020

I wrote a piece two weeks ago about the local housing market, and had a lot of positive feedback from people nodding along with their own experiences of property in the 4-5 weeks since restrictions were lifted a little (if you missed it, you can find it here … https://www.dansonpropertyservices.com/news/what-is-happening-to-the-housing-market-in-welling-right-now-the-covid-collapse-nonsense.html)

Of course, I am sure some would also be sceptical – after all, it’s in my interests to talk the market up locally. 

Well, now the evidence is out … and from a pretty good source, The Times newspaper no less.

And let's be honest, we're not saying, as nice as they are, that Welling and Bexleyheath are the two best places to live in the Country. However, demand in those areas is completely off the scale in comparison to the norm, and what might be being experienced in other areas, and therefore, if selling something, selling it when the demand is at it's peak makes sense. 

Did you know you live in one of the most in demand postcodes in the country right now?

DA7, Bexleyheath and Barnehurst, and DA16, Welling are in the top ten postcode sectors for demand from buyers, across the whole nation.  

The traditional need of good schools, with the Borough having Grammar schools unlike many other areas in SE London and NW Kent, draw young families in, who then stay put even when moving a second time, going from 2/3 bed terrace, to larger 4/5 bed semi-detached. 

Is now the time for you to cash in on the local demand? If you are considering moving in the coming weeks/months, or even if you are on the market now and aren’t seeing a lot of interest in your property, you simply must pick the phone up, or email our office, to discuss what your home is/could be worth. Alternatively, if it’s just curiosity at the moment, then perhaps a quick estimate via our online tool is more appropriate for you, you can do so here … http://valuation.dansonpropertyservices.com

If this has got you thinking, let us answer those questions … 0203 397 4499. 


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