What Is Happening To The Housing Market In Welling Right Now? The Covid Collapse? Nonsense!

Posted on: 7 June 2020

I was asked a strange question the other day by a potential buyer. A sort of rhetorical question. You know, those ones that people ask, but feel they already know the answer. Often with good reason, but sometimes based on pure assumption because they read it somewhere or their mate Dave told them so. 

“Price’s are dropping right?” he said with a reasonable degree of confidence, but also a sly element of doubt and seeking re-assurance. 

But this chap, the irony of all irony’s, was ringing up to book a viewing to potentially buy something!

And there is the problem in a nutshell. This client who has never sold a property before, knows what is happening with house prices in Welling, and wants to buy, even though prices are going to drop. 

What a mess. 

So, let’s get things straight right away...

Something has been read in the paper, the paper that covers the entire nation. Or heard on the radio, or the TV. All of whom have the crystal ball out and are gazing in to the future and putting their finger up in the air wondering what tomorrow might bring. 

He’s read it, I’ve read it, you’ve read it. 

And the only person that knows what is happening to house prices and the market in general in Welling? The people working in it. The local agents. Myself, my staff, and our local competitors. 

So forget the paper telling you about national averages. You own a property in or around Welling, and what is happening is this … 

Brexit in March last year, was delayed until the summer, then autumn, then December, then an election, Christmas, and then CoronaVirus. 

There is a huge backlog of people who have put off moving, and the wait is now over. 

They’ve had time in the lockdown to do the DIY, sort out the garden, sit and talk to their partner and family and plan for the future, and the waiting is over, it’s time to go. 

No holidays this year – travel restrictions, work to catch up on – but time to move. Those small kids at Primary school are moving to Secondary no matter what.  

We have seen a huge rise in demand in the last three weeks for people wanting valuations both by visit and remotely, people wanting to list their property for sale, and people wanting to get out and view. 

So, if you are thinking of moving now or in the near future, don’t judge, don’t assume, speak to myself and my colleagues about what is really happening – I have no doubt you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


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