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Our Sales Philosophy – On your terms not ours

There are a lot of choices in life, and choosing the right sales agent to work for you is a big decision. You are placing the sale of your most valuable asset in the hands of someone you may not know very well, if at all, and you’ll be working with them potentially for many months.  

And yet, most agents will want you to sign a lengthy contract full of clauses including exclusivity periods, notice periods and loads of other red tape – all designed to protect them, and not benefit you. 

Who’s in charge here? The customer is always right … 

That is why, unlike almost everyone else locally, we operate a “no contractual term” agreement with all of our vendors. You make the decisions. We present the legally required terms of engagement set out by our regulators, and you decide what is fair and reasonable, and what you might want taken out of it, and we agree it between us – because it’s your property not ours. 

This is a constant interview and then probation process, from the day you ring to book a valuation, to the appointment itself, and way beyond that to include launch to the market, viewings, feedback, negotiating, agreeing a sale and the conveyancing. 

All of these areas involve us working hard on your behalf and doing what’s right for you, and the moment that stops, you are free to effectively sack us if you so wish, which is a pretty big motivator for us to continue setting the right standards from start through to finish. 

The job isn’t done until the keys change hands and the money hits the bank account, and we won’t take you or your property instruction for granted, or be lazy enough to rely on a contract to fall back on. 

We’re confident enough in our service and abilities that we don’t need that lengthy contract. If we offer you the best advice, are likeable, knowledgeable, confident and pro-active, we’ll earn the opportunity to sell your property. And if we continue to be all of those things, delivering great service and results, then you’ll remain of the opinion we’re the best agent for you and won’t want to go anywhere else anyway, making that contract need somewhat of an irrelevance. 

Always instruct the best agent for you, and we feel that a family run, local independent, offering complete freedom of movement and doing things the way you require, is going to be pretty tough to beat. 

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