Is It Best To Find A Property And Then Sort The Finances, Or Vice Versa?

Posted on: 5 May 2017

Is it best to find a property and then sort the finances, or vice versa?

You should always look into your finances first before even entertaining viewings let alone offers on a potential purchase. There is a shortage of stock in the Welling area at present, and as a result, when most good properties presented correctly come on the market, competition amongst buyers is rife. If they have their finances in order and you don’t, who is going to get the property?

Also, how do you know what is affordable or not to be able to look for a property without having checked the finances first? How much can you borrow, what deposit is needed, and what will the repayments be? You’ll only be disappointed and have wasted your time to find the perfect home only to realise later that it is unaffordable.

And finally, what about being taken seriously by agents and vendors? Without demonstrating to both that you are well prepared and ready to commit to a purchase, how can you be taken more seriously than the next person who has done all their homework in advance?

In short, to give yourself the best chance of securing a property, make sure the finances are in place in advance, so that when you see that perfect home you can commit quickly and minimise the chances of someone else beating you to it.


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