Which Should I Do First - Sort My Finances Or Find A Property?

Posted on: 24 May 2017

Which should I do first - Sort my finances or find a property?

When I started out in estate agency I used to be inundated with requests from potential buyers to speak to our mortgage advisor.

It very rarely happens now. That is because getting a mortgage used to be so easy. You could almost borrow whatever you wanted, and for whatever you wanted, and the checks on the individual and the property were not very thorough.

That all changed with the collapse of Northern Rock in 2008-2009 and various long overdue changes in legislation. The criteria now are far stricter.

It is extremely rare I am asked for mortgage advice now, and that is because almost everyone we speak to has already investigated their finances before doing viewings let alone making offers to purchase. And that is the way it should be. 

We are happy to point you in the right direction if required, but you really should consider your finances prior to anything else. How do you know what you can borrow? And whether the repayments are affordable?

Without having the finances in place, the property you view and fall in love with could be little more than a pipe dream, and whilst you are then sorting your finances after viewing, someone else financially prepared is likely to come in and beat you to it in the meantime.

Put yourself in the strongest position possible by organising your finances and getting a mortgage in principle prior to viewing, so when you do find your perfect home, you can commit asap. That will give much greater confidence to the estate agent and vendor that you are serious, and give you the maximum probability of success.


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