Vendors Top Tips


Which solicitor should I use?

Just like your agent is key to a smooth and successful sale, you can’t put a price on a good solicitor.

Should I use an online agent?

There is a well known saying about you get what you pay for.

Why Sale by Tender is a terrible idea

If something is free, why pay for it? If you can sell your property in Welling without any financial cost to you, that's a good thing right? Maybe not ...

Why doing your own viewings can cost you money

"I know this property better than anyone" is something I often hear on valuations or as we are in the process of being instructed to market a property for sale. It's only a few seconds until the "I can do my own viewings" comes along too. Not a good idea in my view, and this is why:

How should I price my property to ensure maximum interest?

I’ve never met a vendor who doesn’t want as much money for their property as possible. At the same time, I am sure when you go on the market you want your property to be popular. Pricing is therefore critical.

How do I go about changing my agent?

Unfortunately, there may come a time where you feel the need to part ways with your estate agent. The key point then is what have you signed. Whether you feel it unfair or not, if you have signed a contract with another agency, considering the terms of this agreement is crucial to ensure your previous problems aren’t then compounded by it costing you money as well.

Should I use a large corporate or a smaller independent agent?

We’re slightly biased of course, but we would argue a smaller independent will be able to serve you better. Most agents, any worth entertaining anyway, will advertise in all the same places, so you should therefore focus on the best agent and not necessarily the biggest.

How do I choose which agent to go with?

No different to going out for a meal, there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting your estate agent. So what are the most important points to consider?  In our view, the below outlines what we think you should look for in the “perfect” agent for your sale.  
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